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Faculty Research

Here is a sampling of some recent research. We welcome undergraduate involvement in research. Please reach out to the researcher listed for more information.

Dr. Dawn Anderson-Butcher, College of Social Work

  • Lower-Hoppe, L. M., Anderson-Butcher, D., Lo, M.-T., & Turner, B. A. (2020). The influence of organizational climate and process on youth outcomes: a case 
    study of a community youth sport organization. Leisure/Loisir, 44(4), 489–520. https://doi.org/10.1080/14927713.2020.1815564
  • Fraina, M., Pastore, D., Anderson-Butcher, D., & Newman, T. (2020). Examination of  Social Influence Toward Need Satisfaction of High School Student-Athletes. 
    The Physical Educator, 77(4). https://doi.org/10.18666/TPE-2020-V77-I4-9154
  • Kimiecik, C., Bates, S., & Anderson-Butcher, D. (2020). Examining the impact of a sport-based positive youth development program on adolescent black girls: A mixed method study. Forthcoming in Journal of Sport for Development.
  • Newman, T. J., Anderson-Butcher, D., & Amorose, A. J. (2020). Examining the influence of sport program staff and parent/caregiver support on youth 
    outcomes. Applied Developmental Science, 24(3), 263–278. https://doi.org/10.1080/10888691.2018.1467762
  • Newman, T., Lower-Hoppe, L., Anderson-Butcher, D., & Paluta, L. (2020). Process evaluation of a sport-based positive youth development program for socially vulnerable youth. Forthcoming in Journal of Youth Development.Riley, A., Anderson-Butcher, D., Logan, J., Newman, T., & Davis, J. (2016). Staff practices and youth outcomes in a sport-based positive youth development summer camp. The Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. 27, 371-383.

Dr. Chris Knoester

  • PI, National Sports and Society Survey (see a list of current projects are using NSASS data)
  • Allison, Rachel, and Knoester, Chris. 2021. "Gender, sexual, and sports fan identities." Online first in Sociology of Sport Journal https://doi.org/10.1123/ssj.2020-0036
  • Knoester. Chris, and Victoria Fields. 2020. “Mother-child engagement in sports and outdoor activities: Intensive mothering, purposive leisure, and implications 
    for health and relationship closeness.” International Review for the Sociology of Sport 55(7):933-952.https://doi.org/10.1177/1012690219855916
  • Knoester, Chris, and B. David Ridpath. 2020. "Should college athletes be allowed to be paid? A public opinion analysis." Online first in Sociology of Sport Journal. 
    Commentary/extension published in The Conversation:
    Knoester, Chris. 2020. “NCAA amateurism appears immune to COVID-19 – despite tide in public support for paying athletes having turned.” The Conversation https://theconversation.com/ncaa-amateurism-appears- immune-to-covid-19-despite-tide-in-public-support-for-paying-athletes- having-turned-146279
  • Knoester, Chris, and Theo Randolph. 2019. “Father-child sports participation and outdoor activities: Patterns and implications for health and father-child
    relationships.” Sociology of Sport Journal 36:322-329. https://doi.org/10.1123/ssj.2018-0071

  • Bergman, S. A., & Logan, T. D. (2020). Revenue per Quality of College Football  Recruit. Journal of Sports Economics, 21(6), 571–592. https://doi.org/10.1177/1527002520921223
  • "Heterogeneity in the Monetary Value of College Football Recruits [pdf]" (with Stephen Bergman)
  • "Empirical Analysis of the Transfer and Exit Decisions in College Football" (with Matthew Pekarek)

Dr. Brian Turner, Associate Professor, Sports Administration

Jensen, J. A., & Turner, B. (2018). Event history analysis of longitudinal data: A methodological application to sport sponsorship. Sport in Society, 21, 376-393.
Jensen, J. A., & Turner, B. (2017). Advances in sport sponsorship revenue forecasting: An event history analysis approach. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 26, 6-19.
Jensen, J. A., Cobbs, J. B., & Turner, B. A. (2016). Evaluating sponsorship through the lens of the resource-based view: The potential for sustainable competitive advantage. Business Horizons, 59, 163-173.
Jensen, J. A., Wakefield, L., Cobbs, J. B., & Turner, B. A. (2016). Forecasting sponsorship costs: Marketing intelligence in the athletic apparel industry. Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 34, 281-298.
Lower, L. M., & Turner, B. A. (2016). Examination of the 3x2 Achievement Goal Model in Collegiate Recreation: Comparison Across Sport Programs. Journal of Amateur Sport, 2(2), 75-102.
Park, M., Turner, B. A., Pastore, D. L., Chitiyo, M., & Yoh, T. (2016). The information processing of audiences exposed to public service advertising messages for the Special Olympics: A cognitive response approach. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 17, 277-298.

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