A key focus of our initiative is to support, fund and promote research conducted at the intersection of sports and society. Here is our 2020 Sports and Society Initiative Research Productivity Summary:


Allison, Rachel, and Chris Knoester. 2020. "Gender, sexual, and sports fan identities." Forthcoming in Sociology of Sport Journal.  
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Commentary/extension published in The Conversation:
Knoester, Chris. 2020. “NCAA amateurism appears immune to COVID-19 – despite tide in public support for paying athletes having turned.” The Conversation immune-to-covid-19-despite-tide-in-public-support-for-paying-athletes- having-turned-146279
Lower-Hoppe, L. M., Anderson-Butcher, D., Lo, M.-T., & Turner, B. A. (2020). The influence of organizational climate and process on youth outcomes: a case 
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Ramsey, C., Anderson-Butcher, D., Broermann, T., Britt, N., & Bates, S. (2020, October). Using sports as a part of a school mental health system of support. Conference session presented at 25th Conference on Advancing School Mental Health, Virtual.
Funded (2019 Awards) Student Productivity 
Davis, Evan, and Chris Knoester. “U.S. public opinion about the personal development and social capital benefits of sport: An analysis of the Great Sport Myth.” (revise and resubmit at Journal of Sport and Social Issues)
Sutton, Frances, and Chris Knoester. "Women’s sports consumption in the U.S." (revise and resubmit at Journal of Sport Management)
Tompsett, James, and Chris Knoester “High school sports participation, family socioeconomic status, and the likelihood of becoming a college athlete.” (revise and resubmit at Sociology of Sport Journal)
Knoester, Chris, and Carter Rockhill. "Patterns and predictors of public opinions about multiculturalism and antiracism in sports." (revise and resubmit at Socius)
Knoester, Chris, and Evan Davis. "Patriotism, Competition, Nationalism, and Respect for the Military in U.S. Sports: Public recognition of American Institutionalized Sports Nationalism." (under review at International Review for the Sociology of Sport)
Tompsett, James, and Chris Knoester “Family socioeconomic status and college attendance: A consideration of individual and school-level effects.” (under review at Sociological Inquiry)
Williams, Alexander. “Rationality and Efficiency in NFL Gambling Markets.” (under review)
Williams, Alexander, Ben Clarke, and Seth Brugler. 2020. “MAYFIELD: Machine Learning Algorithm for Yearly Forecasting Indicators and Estimation of Long- run Player Development.” This project continues to be refined and presented; for example, submitted and advanced past first stage of Sloan Conference (SSI funded a portion of 2020 attendance) and presented and awarded at 2020 OSU Sports Analytics Conference. 
Sponsored Research Forums
2020 SSI Undergraduate Research Fair (virtual conference with 8 submissions). outstanding-sports-related-research
2020 The Ohio State University Sports Analytic Conference (virtual conference included 384 unique logins from 15 different countries). Guests included representatives from the Seattle Kraken, Columbus Blue Jackets, Pittsburgh Penguins, Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Browns, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, ESPN,, Pro-Football Focus, The Athletic, Statmuse, Ohio State, Too Many Men Podcast, Strategic Analytics, and Stathletes. analytics-association-ssi-host-first-conference
SSI Project Funding
Nothnagle, Emily. “Sports participation and the development of grit.” OSU Undergraduate Research Scholarship. 2020-2021 ($5,000) Advisor: Chris Knoester.
Knoester, Chris (PI), and Elizabeth C. Cooksey. “Social, Political, Economic, and Psychological Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Russell Sage Foundation. 2021-2023 ($150,000)