SSI supports students with new internship and job board

November 27, 2023

SSI supports students with new internship and job board


By Katy Popovitch

SSI created a new internship and job board this semester for students to find sports-related opportunities. The board can be accessed by scrolling down on the homepage of SSI’s website.

The board includes opportunities in a variety of different sports and industries, including communications, design and business. The postings are housed both inside and outside of Ohio.

Max Myers, SSI’s event intern and a fourth-year at Ohio State studying sports industry, found internships and jobs for the board and compiled the list for the SSI website. He found opportunities to include on the board by searching the websites he uses when applying for jobs.

“There are usually plenty out there to apply for; actually getting one is a different story,” Myers said.

Dr. Nicole Kraft, the director of SSI and an associate professor of practice at Ohio State, said SSI is contacted about a variety of job opportunities and wanted a space to post about them and other sports internships and jobs.

“One of the primary focal points for SSI is to make our students career-ready, so we want to give them the tools that they need to develop into potential employees in the future in the sports industry, and having an internship is key to that,” Kraft said.

Myers said he thinks this new board will be helpful for students who do not know where to look for sports internships and jobs, especially if they do not look for jobs on sports-focused job board websites.

“TeamWork Online and Work In Sports are all sports-focused, so sometimes there will be stuff posted there that is not posted in other places,” Myers said.

Kraft said internships are an invaluable way to network, practice what students learn in their classes, and for employers to evaluate students for potential jobs.

“We want you to be prepared, and we want you to go into these internships knowing that they could very well open the door for you, either in that space or with the connections you make, for your future career when you end up leaving us here at Ohio State and launching out into the world,” Kraft said.