CCC Events


The College Creatives Collective is looking forward to creating programming and events will provide a space for collegiate members of the athletic creatives community to gather, share their work and learn from each other. 

Among our planned events for the 2021-2022 academic year:


College Creative Community Meet and Greets

Every month the CCC will host virtual meetings where we can meet each other and a selection of creatives can show their work and explain their process, with the goal to educate others in a specific style, technique or execution.

We will invite industry leaders to join these sessions so they can provide constructive feedback. 



Calling All Creatives Conference: April Showcase Event

Our showcase event will take place in April with our first-ever virtual gathering of college creatives in the Calling All Creatives Conference. 

Held in conjunction with the Sports and Society Initiative's April panel sessions, Calling All Creatives will have in-person and online components to discuss how to leverage college experiences for a professional career, training sessions with prominent creatives in a variety of disciplines, a design and photo contest and more.

Our events will be held April 14 and 15, 2022. Mark your calendar now and look for details this fall.